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But what happens to the rubbish you put in your skip?

But what happens to the rubbish you put in your skip?

We have our own licensed waste transfer station enabling us to sort and recycle as much waste as possible, all skips are tipped at our waste transfer station and the sorted into different waste types by hand.




The first stage in the recycling process is to sort through the skip contents and separate it based on the material type (e.g. wood, aggregates, plastic or metal) ready for processing. Larger bulky items are removed and depending on the material type, this waste is then hand sorted and reloaded into larger containers ready for transportation to other destinations where the waste will undergo further treatment and recycling procedures.




All the waste passing through the Barton Skips waste processing centre is treated in a variety of ways. Here is a run down of just some of the ways the materials we collect is treated.


Wood and chipboard furniture is sent to be shredded at a local recycling facility and then sent onto chipboard manufacturers to be used in the making of new furniture or to be used by energy industries.


Tree, hedge cuttings and other garden waste is sent onto a local specialist facilities where they are mixed with biodegradable materials and treated through a process of anaerobic digestion. The end result is compost that can then be put back in the environment in gardens and landscaping projects.


Soil removed from garden clearance or building sites firstly has larger objects and other contaminates removed from it by hand. The remaining soil is screened before being transported onto land reclamation schemes around the country.


Building hardcore materials such as bricks, concrete, stone, glass and tiles are sent to a local facility to be crushed. The resulting material can then be used as a sub-base material in building projects such as the laying of new driveways or house extensions.


Scrap metal is very much in demand around the world especially in countries such as China, Brazil and India. Any scrap metal recovered from the skip waste is processed and then exported out to other countries via a licensed scrap metal dealer. Any old electrical goods or computers can also be recycled.


What is left behind would have generally been sent to land fill sites around the country. Now a days, much of this waste is suitable for use by the waste to energy industry to help generate electricity. This procedure is carried out in an eco-friendly way which doesn’t produce any harmful pollutants that would harm the environment.


More than just a skip hire company


So you can see that the waste we often see as useless rubbish has a lot of other uses once it is treated and processed in the right way. The ideal goal of Barton Skip’s would be to completely recycle 100% of the waste that comes into our treatment centre. Whether is a an attainable goal we will see but our current recycling levels go a long way to helping the environment and reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill sites.

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What can i put in my skip?

We process around 25,000 tons of material each year from Luton and surrounding areas.

Waste Transfer station


We are open to businesses with a valid waste carriers licence,

We can provide competitive prices for segregated loads such as cardboard and hardcore.


If you are intrested in tipping at our facility just give us a call on 01582 969500

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So please have a thought for the people who sort your waste when you next load your skip!! ...

So please have a thought for the people who sort your waste when you next load your skip!! ...